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Hey babes happy October!

Thank you so much for teaming up with us for the October edition of Bloomin’ Bailey’s Brand Reps! Please take a look at this month’s tasks and take full advantage of your perks! We hope y’all are having a great year!! Keep killlllin it babes!!!


What’s in it for you? September Perks:

1. 35% off code for your PERSONAL USE ONLY. promo code: OCTREP35 (excludes $10 Tuesday)  

2. Free gift with the first use of this month’s 35% off code

3. Your own BB brand rep 15% off coupon code for your followers and friends. Your code will be your first name followed by 15 (Ex. Anna15)

4. The top rep code used this month will receive a $75 gift card to shop with us! 


This month’s task(s):

1. Make a $10 Tuesday Post to Your Instragram Story 

• tag @BloominBaileys

• make story post on a Tuesday

• please DO NOT include your brand rep code in this post. Rep codes are not usable for $10 Tuesday  

2. Tag us

• Tag @BloominBaileys in one of your posts when you’re wearing our necklace(s)

3. (Optional) Include your BB rep code in your Insta bio 

• example: 


If you want to see us pop up at your sorority or somewhere near your area, DM us if you know about upcoming markets, festivals, etc.!! 


Thank you so much for supporting BB & helping us spread the word!! We are so grateful for you! 

xoxo, Madison & Reid

*if you do not intend on following this month's tasks please do not use your perks*